Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi Everyone,

My name is Camy and I'm from a small town on the coast of Maine, USA. I've just recently been accepted to participate in the Italian branch of AFS Intercultural Programs, and I'll be using this blog to document my fundraising activities in preparation for my trip and the trip itself. My goal as an AFS participant is to provide myself with the opportunity of an extraordinary learning experience and to return home with new knowledge gained as an AFS Italy participant that I can share with my peers. Since many foreign exchange programs are on the expensive side, I am looking at my possibilities for fundraising. Currently I am selling a product called Peace Preserves, which are Maine-made organic strawberry and blueberry jams and can be sold with an optional wooden spreader with the words "spread peace" engraved on it. I also plan on selling custom teas, t-shirts, and probably doing a couple of other fundraisers to raise money for this endeavor. I want to thank everybody for reading, and to sponsor my AFS program now, please click the ChipIn button.